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Acoustic Panels Celling Tiles

Articulated generously with water-felt mineral fiber and ability to resist mildew as well as mould, the Arconex Elit Plus Acoustic Ceiling Panels renders a fresh and smooth look.

Renowned as an extravagant ceiling panel, Arconex Elit Plus Acoustic Ceiling Panels is marveled with exclusive performance potential. This shows its brilliance by containing proprietary broad-spectrum standard formulation for the reprisal of mould as well as mildew. Powered with a medium textured and accompanied by non-directional pattern, such type of sag resistant panels are best to adorn at retail stores, schools, offices, corridors and even lobbies. 

Qualified as the paramount substitute in IEQ with quick installation and efficient functioning, Arconex Elit Plus Acoustic Ceiling Panels lays foundation for comprehensively controlling high pitched sound level.


  • Non-directional design
  • Mould Resistant
  • Lifetime warranty of 30 years
  • Withstand more than 45 degree temperature and 99 percent humidity
  • Accessible for high recycled content
  • Exclusively designed to encounter safety codes
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