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Arconex Elit Plus

Holding an edge over its counterparts in the Ceiling Panel market, Sandrift Clima Plus Ceiling Panels are well-known for durability as well as superior quality.

Shining like a star in the galaxy, Sandrift Clima Plus Ceiling Panels have become an vital solution to battle out sagging and high pitched volumes.  As an anti-sagging product structured with cast mineral fibre, it is laced with a different approach. The flexibility factor of the acoustic panel comes from its medium textured framework that works wonder in absorbing sound. Its mold and mildew resistance quality has made it expensive enough to form a part of client’s need. Functional towards lessening high volume levels, the product has been designed to manage the balance with much effectiveness.

The adaptability of Arconex Elit Plus has an exclusive pattern that meets high efficiency metrics. Indeed, their scratch resistant quality has made it relevant at conference areas, entertainment centres, department stores, restaurants and executive offices. 


  • Efficient in controlling high noise levels
  • Having durable surface for better functionality
  • Designed with Firecode formulation for safety
  • 30 year lifetime warranty
  • Scrap resistance ability makes it a favorable choice
  • Withstand 49 degree temperature and 99 percent humidity
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