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Ceiling Metal Frames & Accessories


Significance of metal in a false ceiling and drywall system

Arconex false ceilings and drywalls are lightweight and quite easy to install. Apart from enhancing the beauty of any interior space, they also provide better acoustics, fire protection as well as thermal insulation. They are completely recyclable.

A drywall or false ceiling system has a powerfully built spine of GI metal framework with plasterboard as its face. The metal framework provides the system its strength, long life and enhanced performance. Any compromise on the quality of the metal components can result in permanent system failure.

The Arconex® advantage

Arconex® metal components and accessories come with the assurance of quality from Arconex. Arconex® is manufactured through a cold rolled pre-forming process that locally work-hardens the base material, as well as provides great strength to the false ceiling and drywall systems.

Arconex® is made of special high-performance steel that undergoes rigorous quality checks and controls to ensure correct and consistent base material for further profiling. The steel are made in rolled coils to maintain the proper thickness throughout its length. Quality checks make sure that correct selection of material for strength and corrosion resistance. The steel sheet is work-hardened by passing it through a teethed roller with a patented design from Hadley which creates a typical unique knurling pattern on the surface. This knurling pattern is a main key identifier of actual Arconex® from Arconex.

Advantages of Arconex®

Arconex® advantages are as follows:
  • Raised load carrying capacity of as high as 36%
  • Improved screw retention of 17% and enlarged spring retention of 30%.
  • The exclusive knurling design improves sound insulation by 10% and fire resistance by 33%.
Installation benefits
  • Faster, safer as well as easier to install and cut
  • Rise friction fitting
  • Denial of screw stripping or screw riding
  • Sight lines on flanges for more accurate joints
  • Improved productivity as well as quality
  • Tighten stud to track friction fitting
  • Improved safety by lessening sharp edges and lips