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Fly ash brick

Fly ash bricks are space-age, well-enhanced quality bricks manufactured for the construction of brick masonry structures. They are utilized as replacement for standard clay bricks and has much amazing properties than it. Fly ash bricks are competitive in nature since it offers enormous indirect benefits. The application of fly ash bricks results is also known for its contribution in conservation of natural resources as well as protection of environment.

At Arconex, we manufacture all our AAC Blocks with superior quality material, is user-friendly and has seamless size, making it highly appreciated by our clients based in Mumbai and PAN India.

Advantages Of Fly Ash Bricks In Construction Projects:

  • The fly ash bricks that we manufacture have a pleasing colour that bear a resemblance to cement in comparison to the normal bricks that have the colour difference depending on the soil.
  • The fly ash bricks have the smooth finish and unchanging shape in comparison to irregular shape of normal bricks.
  • These bricks also have solid composition when done comparison with light bonded standard bricks.
  • Since Fly ash bricks are light in weight, they are appropriate for multi-storey buildings. This is since the height of the buildings increases, the pressure and strain on the footing and structure increase. Due to fly ash bricks being lighter, this pressure and stress decreases considerably.
  • These bricks consume less heat and they are much better than clay bricks, and is suitable for the Indian climate.
  • Due to the amazing strength, there is nearly no breakdown during transportation and usage.
  • The seepage of water through fly ash bricks that we manufacture is lessened due to less water penetration.
  • Gypsum Plaster (Plaster Of Paris) can also be directly placed on these bricks without any supporting coat of lime plaster.
  • These bricks do not entail to soak in water for 24 hours as even a sprinkling of water prior to use is adequate.
  • Less mortar is needed during construction, Further, the functioning of the machine requires less labour. Since their mortar consumption is low, their dissipation is only 1% against clay bricks.
  • The compressive strength of fly ash bricks that we manufacture are very high and they are less absorbent.
  • They absorb less water and save unnecessary expenditures.
  • It is environmentally friendly thus letting your business take a big step towards sustainable development.
  • No fossil fuels are required during the manufacture of fly ash brick thus no emission of greenhouse gases is seen.
  • Ultimately, Fly ash bricks are stronger, more uniform, and denser than clay bricks.