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Gypsum Powder

The capability of gypsum powder to endow a comfortable and aesthetic feel as a construction material is known to boost its demands. Gypsum powder is a nature's product that is widely available.

Arconex is the best company engaged in the manufacture of best quality of gypsum powder in Mumbai. It is a chalk like material and is quite light in weight. We manufacture a range of gypsum powder which is best in quality and also has a smooth texture. Since gypsum powder can be used for numerous purposes, it would be great to avail it from our brand at best prices.

Our range of Gypsum Powder finds its application in all types of buildings, both residential and non-residential, as well as for the refurbishment and construction. Gypsum Powder can be utilized for very stunning, contemporary designs and structures, along with simple ordinary items and processes.

Our offered gypsum powder is majorly added to cement and paints for usage in building construction and finishing. When it comes cement and concrete mixes, gypsum powder aids to upsurge the time it takes for concrete and cement to dry and strengthen, leading to a more stable construction. In paint, it is used a filler to abide to the pigments and enhance the paint’s texture.

Benefits of Gypsum Powder:

  • Gypsum powder is non-combustible and encompasses crystal water. These distinct qualities are used in building elements that prevent a fire from spreading for up to 4 hours.
  • It is free of odor.
  • Gypsum powder endows with sound insulation. Gypsum acoustic boards, utilized as part of insulation materials, endow with a sound barrier amid rooms and spaces.
  • The gypsum powder that we manufacture has a low thermal conductivity. When utilized with insulation materials for walls and linings, it can catch heat in rooms and buildings.
  • Gypsum powder can also enhance the impact resistance of areas that require strong walls, such as schools, public buildings and hospital corridors.
  • Further, gypsum as a product is easy to install and to disassemble. At the end of its application, it can be totally recycled into new gypsum products.