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Mivan Formwork

Mivan Formwork is the cutting-edge formwork system made of robust and sturdy aluminium components carrying good strength, durability, easy to install, adjustable and is used in the creation of residential units and big residential projects.

Mivan Formwork is an innovative and unique construction technique in which concrete can be discharged for wall with roof in solo site operation, without any sort of compromising with precision in shape and magnitude of the structure.

An extruded aluminium rail section fused to aluminium sheet creates the fundamental element of Mivan Formwork. This leads to a formation of a lightweight panel with an ideal stiffness to weight ratio and therefore, produces least deflection during material loading.

Mivan Formwork is mostly used in Europe, Asia and Middle-East due to growing population demand, particularly for mass housing projects. As of now, Mivan Framework technique has not been used widely in India. Though, it is being extremely promoted for a large Govt. Scheme – “Housing For All In Coming Years”, as with usage of Mivan technique, a great number of houses can be built for a large number of population within limited period and is more economical in nature.

At Aronex, we deal with Mivan Formwork and are known to offer a great deal of advantages to our esteemed clientele. They comprise of:

  • Mivan Formwork is light in weight so, it can be held easily
  • As it has a certain set of procedure, its installation does not need any skilled labour
  • Superior quality is attained owing to casting of whole structural components together, leading monolithic construction
  • They are more resistant to seismic forces
  • Rapid pace/ High construction speed owing which total construction is finished in less duration, making this procedure financially sound by lessening indirect expenditure of project
  • Lower maintenance needed as the number of joints is less
  • Effectual in terms of plinth area usage
  • Offers a natural aesthetics as the surfaces formed are smooth. Moreover, no requirement of plastering
  • Mivan Formwork panel can be used as much as 200 times
  • Aluminium does not have corrosion problem such as steel
  • Less fabrication expenditure and congruently less debris generation