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Ready Mix Concrete

Widely known as RMC, Ready mix concrete is a blend of a ready-to-use concrete, with predetermined mixture of cement, aggregates, additives and water. A ready mix concrete manufacturer have a centrally located factory that precisely works in batch plants named as RMC plants to meet variable levels of construction requisites. RMC is favored in on-site concrete blending owing to the precision of the blend and lessened worksite confusion.

We, at Arconex are known as a leading Ready mix concrete manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai. Our quality range of RMC is manufactured at up-to-date, totally computerized plants which have state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Being an RMC supplier of global repute, we avail RMC that is produced with fully automated batching plants, well-appointed laboratories for checking raw materials and fresh concrete, transit mixers, movable and stationary pumps proficient of discharging concrete at in height elevations and over long distances.

As a top manufacturer and supplier of Ready Mixed Concrete in Mumbai, we work on making available range of RMC grades and compositions to fulfil precise demands of personalized applications - from standard requirements for small homes to complex & high-performance concrete for major requirements of mega projects.

Right from calculating ready mix concrete quantity to the site of the construction activity, everything is taken care of by us and is predetermined to evade last-minute hassles. A huge fleet of the newest models of transit mixers and concrete pumps to ensemble at different terrains and construction sites guarantees that our customers get appropriate, on-time and uninterrupted supply of finest quality RMC as per their requirement as well as effectual placement at the work site.

We, as ready mix concrete manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai are known to offer our esteemed customers products with numerous advantages that comprise of:

  • Consistent & Enhanced Quality
  • Time & Cost-efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • High Strength & Durability
  • Versatility
  • Less Material Wastage

We further enable speedy construction via automated RMC delivery at site and mechanized operation with resulting economy.


READY MIX CONCRETE (RMC) is available in many variants; each of which has unique properties and uses. Whether your project is still in the planning stage, or you are experiencing concreting difficulties, RNP team will work with you to understand your needs and deliver the most appropriate concrete products and services.

Fresh concrete needs attention and protection till it achieves sufficient strength and maturity. In the absence of proper care, concrete could develop defects that possibly cannot be rectified at later stage. RNP's technical experts work with customers to ensure best practices for the proper use and maintenance of concrete are followed to make sure the resultant structure's strength, maturity and durability are constant.

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