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Arconex Elite 2

A famous name emerged to control the environs of a manufacturing unit, Arconex Elite 2 is designed with Firecode to create a safety orbit around manufacturing unit.

Developed to vouch for safety, Arconex Elite 2 has an etched vinyl-laminated look that makes it sag resistant. The qualitative performance is well exhibited in its adherence to ISO standards and certification as an advanced bio-based product. These class 100 and class 10M-100M panels are manufactured with the skill to control workstation essentialities as well as efficient in cleaning. Dolled with High Recycled Content, Arconex Elite 2 holds selected position in the Acoustic market for its extensive performance capacity.

Powered with the skill to control sagging and high pitched volumes, Arconex Elite 2 Acoustic Ceiling Panel is an crucial solution in the category of strong acoustic panels to be installed at laboratories, utility rooms, hospitals, kitchens and clean rooms. 


  • Firecode design for adhering to safety codes
  • Ability to withstand 49 degree temperature and 99 percent humidityv
  • Potential to control sagging and high volume surround systems
  • Certified by USDA as Bio-based product
  • Controls workstation environments
  • Low emission capability for better functioning
  • 30 year lifetime warranty
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