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Arconex Gypsum Single Coat Supreme

Single Coat Premium products are specifically formulated gypsum plaster, which can be applied by hand over any normal walls/solid backgrounds, in single application in normal thickness. Good surface finish and good impact strength are its exclusive properties.

Single Coat Premium is a calcium sulphate hemi hydrate gypsum plaster with additives which includes light weight aggregate.

It gets early strength and does not suffer from inherent shrinkage cracks. It sets hard in a matter of hours & receives maximum strength & bonding on drying.

Two kinds are available as Single Coat (Supreme) and Single Coat (Premium). These are suggested to be used depending upon the type of background. These are particularly formulated to suit Indian climatic/site working conditions.


The wall is marked with level strips, upright at 1200 mm centers, and then confirms the straight edge or tine by utilizing aluminum square tube. The high spots on walls are recognized and minutest level in 6 mm thickness is marked to regulate the thickness of Plaster.

  • The background should be properly wetted 10 minutes before the plastering, to displace trapped air & to facilitate that the plaster has good contact and bonding with background.
  • Plaster wet mix is made by mixing powder with clean water, to have workable steadiness. The wet mix is then applied, on rigid surface by help of trowel, in required thickness, as per level strips fixed as mention guideline.
  • The best results are received by applying light coat with firm pressure while using.
  • The whole surface of the wall is plastered in line and level, as the plaster stiffens progressively, flattering and finishing should be further carried out.
  • When the plaster is properly formed, the surface should be completed with sponge coat with light application of water. The finishing is finally done with slurry coat, and by using trowel to have last smooth finish surface.


  • Low Density Higher Coverage: Its density is low to offer better coverage maintaining its all in built properties. The coverage of Gypsum Single Coat (Supreme) is app. 62 m2/(metric ton)in normal 12mm thickness, while the coverage of Gypsum Single Coat (Premium) is app. 65m2/(metric ton)
  • Gradual Setting With No Shrinkage Cracks: Once plaster gets strength, it does not undergo from inherent shrinkage cracks. The plaster needs app. 10-15 minutes to set, after mixing with water. The setting progresses evenly and steadily until the surface is hard enough to get a final stroke of trowel, at approx 20-25 minutes.
  • No Water Curing Required: Plaster does not need any water curing after the application, thus saves time, water consumption as well as manpower.

This assists to complete project faster.

  • Strong Bonding & Good Strength It sets hard in a matter of hours, to make sure continuity of it gets maximum strength on drying. After it is completely dry, it also receives strong bonding with major solid backgrounds.
  • Easy Workability: It has been formulated for easy to mix, to be spread and applied by normal POP workers by normal hand application existing practice, in trade.
  • Thickness: The thickness of plaster is recommended to be 12mm of uneven background but should not go beyond 10 mm on level & even background. If thickness is more than 15 mm, it should be applied in two following applications.
  • In Built Properties : Plaster is non-combustible having too low thermal conductivity (k-value) . Thus lends fine thermal insulation to walls / surface.
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