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Arconex Hexa Pin

Redefining delicacy at its best, Pin Perf Clima Plus Acoustic Ceiling is developed with subtle visual effects to thwart sagging.

Formed authentically to curb down volume energy of a room, Pin Perf Clima Plus Panels are meant to carry out exquisitely in terms of impeding the progression of mildew and mold. By using water-felted fibre, it is organized to perform efficiently to give potent sound effects. Designed with the skill to carve a niche in the acoustic world, Pin Perf Clima Plus Acoustic Ceiling is beautified with non-directional pin perforation pattern for swift installation. With constant developments taking place in the Acoustic World, the product has managed to shine like a star.

Containing proprietary broad spectrum standard formulation and festooned with low VC emission performance, Pin Perf Clima Plus has been extremely efficient for departmental stores, retail stores, offices and corridors.


  • High light reflectance value
  • 30 year lifetime warranty
  • Compatible with suspended grid options
  • Ability to withstand 49 degree temperature and 99 percent humidity
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