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Arconex MAX-E-LITE

Arconex has launched its brand new product Arconex MAX-E-LITE in Indian market keeping in mind ever changing needs of construction industry.

MAX-E-LITE is a different product introduced to replace the traditional Sand-Cement, PoP by Silky smooth as well as milky white finish along with very high coverage accompanied by excellent workability.

MAX-E-LITE is a Natural Gypsum based wall covering which provides incredible binding strength with any hard surface and keeps away the issue of material leaving the surface keeping ugly marks and tensions to the consumers.


MAX-E-LITE should be mixed in a clean pot with tap water free from any contamination, quantity to be assessed as per requirement and work force available to carry out the work smooth & fast.

MAX-E-LITE should be added to the water and not the water to MAX-E-LITE as it might result in strength loss, blend it accurately once again & now it is ready for use on the surfaces like concrete or any other hard material.

MAX-E-LITE should be applied with the help of a trowel or by hand on the surface prepared. Once the material is applied on to the surface as per needed thickness to cover undulations, it is to be finished with final stroke of trowel to get the silk like smooth finish.


As a substitute of traditional wall coverings MAX-E-LITE proves strong as well as long lasting solutions with solid adhesion to all surfaces. It gives milky white & silky smooth finish so that the surface is set to accept all kinds of decorations on to it with economical charge.

Company takes warranty against peeling off or shrinkage cracks appearing in MAX-E-LITE if it is used strictly in accordance to the terms.

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