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Arconex Max Super Smooth Cement Putty

Arconex has launched its new product SUPERSMOOTH in Indian market keeping in mind ever changing new Technologies in construction fields.

Super Smooth is a special product introduced to replace the traditional Putty or Neeru finish with Silky smooth & milky white finish

Super Smooth is a Cement based wall covering which gives tremendous binding strength with the Concrete surface & keeps away the worry of material leaving the surface keeping ugly marks & tensions to the customers.


Super Smooth should be mixed in a clean pot with tap water free from any contamination, quantity to be assessed as per requirement and work force available to carry out the work smooth & fast. Super Smooth should be added to the water and not the water to Super Smooth as it might result in strength loss, blend it accurately once again & now it is ready for use on the surfaces like concrete or any other hard material.

Super Smooth should be applied with the help of a trowel or by hand on the surface prepared. If the application is applied by hand, it is strongly suggested that the workers should use hand gloves to avoid effects of heat release. After the material is applied on to the concrete, it is to be smoothened by 360 no. sanding paper for perfect effect. On such prepared surface any paint can be applied.


As a substitute of traditional wall coverings Super Smooth proves strong as well as long lasting solutions with solid adhesion to all surfaces. It gives milky white & silky smooth finish so that the surface is set to accept all kinds of decorations on to it with economical charge.

Company takes warranty against peeling off or shrinkage cracks appearing in Super Smooth if it is used strictly in accordance to the terms.

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