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Arconex Max Super Tuff Acrylic Putty

An efficient Bonding Agent that combines cement with the wall paint. Arconex Max Super Tuff avoids the spoilage of Wall along with paint, lessens water penetration resulting from moisture and maintains the beauty of your interior wall for more time.

Arconex Max SUPER TUFF is quality adhesive compound/Wall Dressing created with quality binder.

Mixed with superfine fillers, creating ready to use putty. It acts as an adhesive compound for prefab cement sheet jointing partitions, finishing coat for making interior walls before painting and eliminating the use of putty made on sites.

SUPER TUFF is Pre-mixed, in paste form, ready to use as joining compound / Wall Dressing through solid binding & consistency in a very smooth and lustrous perfect finish. The product if set then becomes solid like stone.

If spread on any smooth surface it will make surface more resistant to cracking & making deterioration free for years. On this ready surface, every water based paints or solvent based matt and luster paints can be applied on this SUPER TUFF surface.


Super Tuff can be directly applied on:

  • Most ideal product to be applied before painting on Gypsum plasters.
  • Pre-cast concrete.
  • Plywood & asbestos cement sheets as Joining filler.
  • Partition panels made out of ac sheet with foam Concrete, as binder between the panels.
  • False ceiling joint.