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Arconex Millennia Elite

Created with modern structural framework, Arconex Millennia Elite possesses phenomenal dimensional stability that paves way for quick installation.

Rising high with the capability to stay long, Arconex Millennia Elite have attained acknowledgement for high sag resistance power with the ability to exercise equal control over mold and mildew development. It is the durability and noise cancelling factors that have led to its fame in the market. The budget feature of this product has made it a favored choice of all. Everyone is aware of high sound levels at different places, which needs to curb down for maintaining balancing environs.

What makes it a powerful product is the non-directional panel and effective sound reducing quality. By ensuring constant appearance, Arconex Millennia Elite have managed to gain application at retail stores, hospitality sections, transport terminals, conference areas and offices.


  • Ability to fix light finish for efficient energy production
  • Scratch resistant in terms of wear and tear management
  • Passes USDA standards for usage in food processing units
  • Accessible in high recycled content for performance efficiency
  • 30 year lifetime warranty
  • Highly attuned with Logix integrated ceiling systems
  • Low emitting product
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